You’re Never Too Old to Play in the Sprinklers

Lauren, Tim, and I arrived at the gorgeous location they had chosen, a garden in Madison, as the sun was peeking over the tops of the university buildings and beginning its path across the sky to bathe the city in heat and blinding light.  Immediately I became discouraged: half of the gardens were being showered by a dozen sprinklers.  My discouragement turned to irritation as the intern who had promised to turn off the sprinklers individually as we moved through the grounds conveniently disappeared on a coffee break.  All of our planning, a not-insignificant permit fee, and what did we end up with?  A garden filled with muddy grass patches, dripping trees, and soaking wet benches. After my very best try at finding the most useful spots and a foray across the road and up the hill to find a bit of architecture, we returned to the garden to conclude our shoot.  That's when I asked the lovebirds how adventurous they felt. I love asking my couples if they feel adventurous, because they always say yes! Even though I was discouraged at first, I am so glad that those pesky sprinklers "ruined" our session.  This is my favorite shot from that hot and sticky morning, and I gave these two lovebirds an opportunity to do something you rarely see outside of cheesy chick flicks: a beautiful few minutes of kisses and laughter as they played in the sprinklers.  Pretty romantic, huh? Wisconsin summer engagement portraits_blogSignature