Your Moments Matter

I believe that moments matter. These days, we have constant access to a camera on most smartphones or devices. That means that we have the preservation of our memories at our fingertips. But does this really mean that our memories are preserved? Is digital preservation the best answer? How well-preserved are our digital photographs, and how can we ensure that they're there when we really want them? Because I believe that photographs are meant to be enjoyed in print form, I am sharing my ideas and solutions for organizing and printing the images we create everyday. Below is a list of my favorite tricks, products, and apps that help me keep our family memories available to be enjoyed!  


The first step for many of us is coming up with a system for storing and sharing photos that works with our lifestyle.

  • Enable your smartphone's auto-backup feature. On Android devices, this is done via Google's photo service. On an iPhone, the cloud storage feature is one option. Auto-backup means that every photo you take will be automatically uploaded to a cloud service or something similar. That also means that if your phone ends up damaged and the data unrecoverable, your photos will be safe in the cloud! Not sure where to look? Simply Google "photo auto-backup for _______" and insert your phone make and model.
  • Create a Dropbox account to share with members of your family. Since most families have two or more smartphones in operation at any given time,