All in The Details | My Favorite Detail Shots and Why They’re Important

I just ADORE the little details that I have the pleasure of playing with on a wedding day. Seriously, it's one of the reasons my job doesn't feel like a "job;" who wouldn't want to spend a day surrounded by fragrant and stunning floral arrangements, sparkly jewelry, fun shoes, and unique odds and ends all over? It's like a treasure hunt! While the detail shots obviously aren't the most important images my clients hire me to create, I believe they're still an important element of professional wedding photography. A good set of photographs that show your venue, decor, and fashion choices will set the tone for your wedding story and bring all of the photographs together into one cohesive and flowing story. These images will carry your color scheme and theme from page to page in a beautiful album, sweeping the viewer from the first moment to the last. You probably spent a lot of time putting those little details together, anyway- so I do my best to make sure that they're present and accounted for as much as possible! Want to see some of my favorites? Pick a category and explore below!