Tara & Kevin’s Bright and Colorful Engagement Session

Tara & Kevin are getting married this August at one of my FAVORITE wedding barns in Wisconsin: Sugarland Barn in Arena. Since the moment I met these two, I knew they were my couple! You'll be able to tell from these images that they're fun- they just don't stop smiling and laughing! Which I'll never complain about, because just look at them. Happiness OOZES from these two. Their wedding day is going to be phenomenal, I can already tell! Since their wedding will be in a lovely, rustic setting, I'm glad I made the trek to Milwaukee for their engagement session. That's where these two lovebirds call home. We started with a beer at Lakefront Brewery and ventured out from there. First stop: playing on the swings like a couple of kids in love. Sigh! MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0033MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0009MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0019MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0027 Architecture and lines and texture, YAY. MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0049MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0053MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0064 Tara rocked her wardrobe choices with some bright colors that made me swoon! MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0070MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0082 See? Nonstop laughter. THE. BEST. MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0086MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0090MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0094MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0104MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0107 After that fabulous hot pink, Tara emerged in this emerald dress. LOVE! MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0116MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0128 After dancing by the river, we headed over to the lake. I'm in love with this little hidden gem of a spot! MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0133MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0137MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0144MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0151MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0153MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0155MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0161 A different view of the Milwaukee skyline than I'm used to, but I like it! MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0163 Who wouldn't want to end their evening with a private dance session on the beach? MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0170MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0181MilwaukeeEngagementPhotographer_TK_0187 Can't wait for the day they say "I do!" Thanks again, guys, for the super fun session!!