Wedding Portraits at the Wisconsin State Capitol

I moved to Madison from Milwaukee nearly nine years ago.  I'm a big city girl at heart, but Madison is the perfect town to live in.  There's a bustling downtown area and lots of unique neighborhoods and communities surrounding the city itself.  My husband & I love our home, nestled in a quiet suberb with a convenient ten-minute commute to the heart of Madison.  And what is the heart of Madison?  It's the Wisconsin State Capitol!

Madison Wisconsin Wedding Portraits at Capitol  

As a wedding photographer in Madison, Wisconsin, I used to have a love-hate relationship with the State Capitol.  On one hand, it is an amazing piece of architecture and absolutely gorgeous.  I adore architecture, geometry, strong lines, and beautiful design elements...and the Capitol building has all of those things in spades.  On the other hand, it is photographed ALL. THE. TIME.  It's one of the most common locations requested for engagement and wedding portraits.  Shooting at the same spot over and over and over can make it really easy to fall into a routine of reliable, but repetitive images.  And any routine can quickly become boring!

A couple of years ago, I gave myself a challenge.  Each time I shoot at the Capitol, I strive to find one unique shot that I haven't tried before.  It could be a new angle, a hidden spot, a new lighting experiment, or some other fun trick...  But it must be new to me.  My hope is that my clients who choose this iconic location will each receive something that is unlike anything else I've shot there.  Of course, sometimes it doesn't quite work out.  There is always a risk that a new idea might fail; but the point is the effort and the challenge.

Here is a little collection of some of my favorite Wisconsin State Capitol wedding photos.  Enjoy!

Winter weddings in Madison Wisconsin

It's an essential wedding party spot if your love story includes the Capitol.

Wisconsin wedding portraits

Anywhere on State Street allows a Capitol background.

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This was my first time going up to the top- such a great view of the whole downtown area from up there!

Madison State Capitol wedding portraitsPortraits Inside Madison WI State Capitol

Just chillaxin' in their awesome pink shoes...

Cute Madison Wedding PhotosBridal Portrait with Red ShoesMadison WI wedding photographerMadison Wedding Photography

I'm kind of in love with the white marble.  Such a beautiful and neutral background.

Madison Capitol Bridal PortraitThe Capitol can even be caught in reflections around the square.  Fun!

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We had such a gorgeous sky at Vince & Chelsey's wedding!

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