Wedding Album Pricing & Options

Your wedding memories are precious and I believe they should be easy to share and enjoy.  In this digital age we have become reliant upon computers, tablets, and phones to share our precious photographs.  But have we lost something in that trend?  I think we have.

While each of my wedding clients will receive their digital images, I am so glad that many couples also invest in a beautiful professional album.  A wedding album really is your first family heirloom and should be cherished.  It is much more memorable and meaningful to page through a series of hand-picked images that tell your wedding day story than to flip through hundreds of images on an iPad or iPhone.  An album will always be there in your living room or bookcase.  You won't have to transfer it every time you upgrade your computer or your phone.  It won't become corrupted or outdated.  Your children and grandchildren will be able to experience your love story no matter what technology brings us!

I've carefully selected high-quality vendors to offer two options for your wedding album.  Read on to learn more about the Luxury and Signature Albums!


The Luxury Album

The Luxury Album is a fantastic option to showcase your wedding day memories in a story-book style collage design. Choose from a gorgeous metallic photo cover or a variety of options including lovely fabrics and finishes. Choose a lustre photo or art paper finish for your pages, which are mounted on thick board and feature a seamless crease that won't interrupt your images or design. All image selections will be individually reviewed and retouched as necessary, and you'll receive an initial design to review and request revisions before your final product is printed. Your album will arrive in a gorgeous fabric slipcover for safekeeping and dust-free storage.

Each album design begins with your top 50 favorite images.


Luxury Album Pricing:

10x7 Vertical, 20 Pages: $850.00 Additional 10 Pages: $250.00

Additional 20 Pages: $500.00

Prices are for 30-page albums. Additional pages available. Cover and box upgrades available.  15% discount on duplicate parent copies!


The Signature Album

The Signature Album is by far my most popular style, and for very good reason. These albums are hand-made from the most beautiful of premium materials! Thick pages feature custom-designed layouts printed on photo paper with no gutter to break up your favorite images.  Sturdy, thick pages will ensure that your album survives the decades without torn or bent pages.  A custom design means that each photograph is properly retouched and your story is told in a fun, collage-style storyboard format.  Choose from horizontal or vertical formats and create the perfectly custom storybook that fits your personalities and styles.  Metal, wood, and leather covers are just a few of the options you'll have.  A sturdy box and dust cover protect your album for storage or transportation.

Each album design begins with your top 50 favorite images, and showcases up to 125 images in the design.  Your design will be created by Mandie with your unique story in mind and will feature as many pages as necessary (up to a 50-page maximum) to tell that story.

Signature Album Pricing:

Horizontal or Vertical: $2500

13x15 Panoramic: $3000

15% discount on duplicate parent copies!