Used 2005 BMW X3 – Manual Six-Speed Transmission SUV

I've been telling my husband for years that I'll drive this car until she dies. I have LOVED owning this vehicle! The only reason we're selling it is that hubby found me an upgrade that I couldn't refuse.

Hubby maintained it very nicely and she still drives pretty darn well. She's a reliable vehicle and a RARE six-speed transmission, making her a really fun SUV. She needs a little love, as she's at just over 170k miles. But, these are awesome vehicles and I almost wish I could keep her as a backup! Alas, can't buy a bigger house just to hold her and there's no expanding our garage.

I'm sure hoping to find a happy owner who'll love her for the rest of her years!

Used 2005 BMW X3 Manual TransmissionManual Transmission Six Speed 2005 BMW X3 SUV Black