The Importance of Shoes

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

- Marilyn Monroe

I thought it would be fitting to welcome you to my new brand, and my new blog, with an introduction to my new logo and a little story of inspiration.

For me, the shoes that allow me to conquer the world are RED.  I believe that red shoes go with everything.  I believe they take an outfit from average to sassy.  I believe they make a statement to the world that you're not afraid to be bold, to be seen, to admit who you are and live that to the fullest.  Red shoes are fun and a little brave.  Every girl has days when she needs to be fearless; I believe red shoes can help.  I wear red shoes all the time; and especially to weddings for that little boost.  And so, red shoes became my new logo.

Wedding shoes are one of the things I savor on a wedding day.  I could probably spend an hour photographing your carefully selected wedding-day footwear if you'd let me.  Like red shoes, I believe wedding shoes are special.  Most wedding dresses will swallow up your beautiful wedding shoes so that only those who are really paying attention might grab a peek at them, but we brides still put extra effort into selecting the perfect pair.  And when it comes to wedding shoes, there are no rules.  They don't have to be white.  They don't have to match your wedding.  They don't have to be practical.  They can be expensive.  They can be the pair of shoes that you would usually drool over, sigh a little, and pass up with a reminder to yourself that you wouldn't wear them often enough to justify the cost.  Because when they're your wedding shoes, they're the ones you'll be wearing the day you conquer one piece of your little corner of the world: the day you marry your very best friend.

Here are some favorite shoe shots that I've taken this year.  As you wander through them, your assignment is this: select your favorite pair of "conquer-the-world" shoes and wear them very soon.  Even if you're just having dinner on the deck with that special guy, wow him with that right pair of shoes!

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