The E-Mail that Stopped Me in my Tracks: Moments Really Do Matter.

Late last year as I was sifting through my email inbox on a particularly dreary winter day, I was in desperate need of something to yank me out of a so-so funk.  I got what I needed, as well as a great reminder that I really do attract the most perfect couples!  What I found in that very special email was this:

"I cannot tell you enough how happy I am that we found you and you were available to photograph our wedding. Some photographers can capture candid shots, but they are candids, not necessarily moments. To me there is a difference. You capture moments and more importantly you understand and value moments. That means so much to me. I have no doubt that  we will someday be able to share our wedding pictures with our kids and grandkids, and they will see our love and happiness in the same way I can see my grandparents."


The quote above came from one of my 2014 couples, Leigh and Colin.  I am so very excited to be a part of their wedding next September.  We were a perfect match from the first email, and once I met them I knew it was meant to be.  I am their photographer.  They are MY couple.  They get it, they get me, I get them.  It's a beautiful thing, really.  Even so, reading this short paragraph stopped me in my tracks.

You see, the difference that Leigh sees between "moments" and "candids" is something I have always felt, but never defined in such a way.  Even though I blog about moments, specifically, and proclaim on my new website that "I believe MOMENTS MATTER," I didn't realize the distinct way in which a captured moment is just so much more than a simple candid shot.  And in a way, all candid shots are an attempt to capture a moment.  They just don't all succeed.  It's all kind of hit-and-miss, but moments are on my radar.

Years ago, I mentored a budding photographer who was just as sweet as could be.  She later moved out of state and began a family, but while she was here and starting out I was fortunate to help her out and get to know her.  One of the greatest things she observed and shared with me while she worked at my side during a wedding was this: she told me that I always have my camera up and at the ready.  I often keep my camera right in my hand, not swinging by my side, and prepared to be lifted into place.  I walk with my hand on it as I cross a room or survey the events going on around me.  And that is all about moments.  It's about being able to quickly move to action when I see a moment happening or about to happen.  Yes, I miss plenty of them by just a split second, and frown to myself and move on.  But the ones I am able to capture are meaningful, they are what Leigh sees in my work.  And I love Leigh for seeing that.  For seeing ME, the way I strive to see my clients.  Thank you, Leigh, and all my clients who love and support me!

Blog posts without photos are too plain, so here you go...  Enjoy a few moments that I particularly love.  You can find more in my regular "Moments" posts, too!



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