Tara & Kevin’s Sugarland Barn Wedding

So, where do I start with these two? From the moment that Tara, Kevin, and Bonnie (crafty and creative Mother-of-the-Bride) stepped through the door and into my life, I knew their wedding was going to be a BLAST. And it most definitely was! If you recall from their Milwaukee Engagement Session, Tara has a contagious smile that is almost always glowing- especially when Kevin's around. They have a ridiculous amount of fun together and I LOVE it. Smiley brides and grooms make my job a dream. In addition to happening at one of my favorite Wisconsin wedding barns, Sugarland Barn, this celebration was stuffed full of sentimental details and important people. And did I mention the VIP's who overcame odds to be able to attend? Let's just say that during their final consult, Tara and Kevin and I had a few angry words to share about cancer and how much it sucks. But then, we spent their day with people who have triumphed and it only made the festivities sweeter. So grab your tissues and read on! First thing I saw when I entered the barn? MIMOSAS. My favorite. What an awesome favor, no?? Lock_Blog_0001Lock_Blog_0002Lock_Blog_0004Lock_Blog_0006Lock_Blog_0009 Tara was very proud of her Kate Spade box. I LOOOOOVE me some Kate Spade! Lock_Blog_0011Lock_Blog_0014Lock_Blog_0015Lock_Blog_0016 They brought me their whole suite of paper goods to shoot... How lovely! Lock_Blog_0017 This is a super-cute "something blue." Tara & her mom had a heart-shaped piece of one of her father's shirts sewn into her gown. <3 Lock_Blog_0018Lock_Blog_0020Lock_Blog_0024Lock_Blog_0026Lock_Blog_0029Lock_Blog_0030 One of Tara's bridesmaids did her hair. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lock_Blog_0034Lock_Blog_0035Lock_Blog_0036Lock_Blog_0038Lock_Blog_0039Lock_Blog_0042Lock_Blog_0045 More cuteness? You got it. This is Tara's daddy's tie! Now I typically love a cute little hankie, but this is even better...because he can wear it any other day he pleases and enjoy his note from his little girl. Lock_Blog_0048Lock_Blog_0049 Bonnie provided Tara with her "something borrowed." Bonnie wore this cameo on her wedding day, and it belonged to her mother. Lock_Blog_0050 Dear brides and grooms: Not that I don't love photos of grown men frantically trying to learn how to do things on the fly, but I've seen this often lately. Let's add "teach everyone how to tie the bowtie/necktie they'll be wearing" to the pre-bachelor-party program, hmmm? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lock_Blog_0022Lock_Blog_0052Lock_Blog_0054 It's all good, clearly they got it! Lock_Blog_0057Lock_Blog_0058Lock_Blog_0059Lock_Blog_0060Lock_Blog_0062Lock_Blog_0066Lock_Blog_0067Lock_Blog_0068Lock_Blog_0073Lock_Blog_0077Lock_Blog_0080Lock_Blog_0081 When I posted a peek on Facebook, I promised to share the story of Tara's bouquet. This story makes me cry a little bit. Tara's aunt lost the battle with pancreatic cancer. Before she passed, she hand-made wedding bouquets from beautiful silk flowers for each of her nieces. It was beautiful to hear Tara & Bonnie marvel over how perfectly the bouquet fit into the wedding. What a loving and thoughtful way to ensure that she could be there in spirit on the most important day of her nieces' lives. I just LOVE this. Lock_Blog_0083 This guy here is Tara's Grampa. He is 100 years old and earlier this year, he was diagnosed with cancer as well. His prognosis was not good, and everyone prepared. There was no expectation that he'd make it to the wedding, but check it out- here he is! And he rode up in the gorgeous, brand-new, red Mustang that he bought. This man is inspiring and Tara & Kevin were beyond happy that he could be there. I love love LOVE this. Lock_Blog_0085Lock_Blog_0086Lock_Blog_0087 ย  Lock_Blog_0089Lock_Blog_0088 And then there's this guy. Meet Ryan... Just a few weeks before the wedding, he went through brain surgery! Mr. & Mrs. Lock: 3. Cancer: 0. You tried real hard, but you didn't ruin this wedding! Check out the smiles! Lock_Blog_0090Lock_Blog_0091Lock_Blog_0093Lock_Blog_0097 Just look at all that sunshine. Lock_Blog_0107Lock_Blog_0108Lock_Blog_0109Lock_Blog_0111Lock_Blog_0112Lock_Blog_0115Lock_Blog_0117Lock_Blog_0118 Check the sky above the groomsmen's heads. See that butterfly? Yeah, that was a butterfly release. SO. COOL. Lock_Blog_0119Lock_Blog_0127Lock_Blog_0130 Gramma loved seeing her cameo brooch on the bouquet! Lock_Blog_0134Lock_Blog_0136Lock_Blog_0137Lock_Blog_0139Lock_Blog_0141Lock_Blog_0142 SWOON. This barn is so gorgeous! Lock_Blog_0099Lock_Blog_0101Lock_Blog_0102Lock_Blog_0103Lock_Blog_0104 I totally want a pair of these forks... If I'd had them at my wedding, they'd be used for every. Single. Special. Dinner! Lock_Blog_0105Lock_Blog_0143Lock_Blog_0144Lock_Blog_0151Lock_Blog_0153Lock_Blog_0155Lock_Blog_0157Lock_Blog_0158 Kevin looks at Tara like this and I melt. As I'm sure she does, too! Lock_Blog_0159Lock_Blog_0162Lock_Blog_0163Lock_Blog_0164Lock_Blog_0168Lock_Blog_0173Lock_Blog_0178Lock_Blog_0180Lock_Blog_0182Lock_Blog_0185 And oh goodness, as if a perfect day could get any better- we had a GORGEOUS sunset. Gorgeous! Lock_Blog_0186Lock_Blog_0189Lock_Blog_0190Lock_Blog_0193Lock_Blog_0197Lock_Blog_0200Lock_Blog_0202Lock_Blog_0210Lock_Blog_0214Lock_Blog_0216Lock_Blog_0217 This little girl here is the granddaughter of the Aunt who made Tara's bouquet. We had to snap a photo of her with it! Lock_Blog_0222Lock_Blog_0226Lock_Blog_0228Lock_Blog_0233Lock_Blog_0238 We waited until the sparklers were done to take off...so glad we caught this. ๐Ÿ™‚ How cute is Tara's adorable reception dress? And the tux tee! Cracks me up! Lock_Blog_0241Lock_Blog_0243TaraKevin_WP_0019To Tara & Kevin, I was delighted to be a part of your day. Just delighted! Thank you so much for having us! ย  Save Save