Summer So Far | The Year I Wasn’t So Busy

There are so many things about summer that I love and enjoy here in Wisconsin! I can't tell you how many times Eric and I have daydreamed about moving to Colorado, where we could live among mountains and actually ski most days of the winter. But then, each year, summer comes around here in Madison and I am reminded why it is that I stick out the ugly Midwest winters. Summer in Madison is glorious! Sunsets by the lake at the Union Terrace, grilling out and eating dinner on our colorful deck, bike rides out for Friday fish fry, walking the pugs around the parks and neighborhoods, and growing our garden... Those are just a few of my favorite things about these warm days. Most summers, I am lucky if I catch one farmer's market and the only sunsets I seem to catch are those I spend with clients on shoots. But not this year! The blog has been a bit quiet because I've been out enjoying my summer. So, I thought I'd spice it up here and share some personal photos from our escapades. First, the pretty ones. I've been on a little bit of a sunset kick this summer. I love sunsets- they're such a great reminder that we human artists don't hold a candle to the creation we've been given to live within. Eric has been really sweet about spontaneously running out the door and chasing down a nice spot for a good sunset with me! It's been an enjoyable way to take a little evening break here and there! Sunsets_0005Sunsets_0006Sunsets_0007Sunsets_0009Scenery2015_0002PersonalMisc_0003 Sometimes we have just found some lovely skies... Scenery2015_0003Scenery2015_0001Scenery2015_0006Scenery2015_0005Scenery2015_0004 On one particular fur-baby-date, he even let me take his picture with our pug-children. 🙂 I've got a handsome family, huh? EricNPugs_0001PersonalMisc_0005 On one of our outings, Eric even took some photos! Every time he picks up a good camera, I'm reminded that he has quite the eye. PersonalMisc_0007Samsung_2015_2_0020 One evening, we went out to chase a storm. It gave me the itch to do some astro-photography soon! Which would be a perfect camping activity, no? PersonalMisc_0010PersonalMisc_0009PersonalMisc_0008 One evening we even went out on the hunt for late-night northern lights. Our journey was unfruitful, but I did catch a fun shot of some dear friends who joined us! MikeCarolKiss_0001 And now for some not-so-professional photos. Because what's the best camera?? The one you have with you! Usually, that's my phone. I struggle to enjoy myself and be in the moment when I lug my big cameras around. I'm so glad that phone cameras have come so far, because I rely on my phone often. Particularly when it comes to the everyday parts of our lives, like hanging out at home or playing in the garden. I may be a sentimental photo hoarder, but I don't mind lower-quality phone photos for certain things. I'd prefer to get a quick shot of whatever I want to remember and then continue enjoying the moment, rather than interrupt it all to go grab the big Canon with the right lens! So here is that side of our summer so far! Starting with one of my favorite places in the world right now: our deck. I love bright colors, candles, and plants. Here's what the deck looked like earlier this summer, before all the things in pots grew up! Samsung_2015_0006 And here's Panda in her favorite spot. Samsung_2015_0005 Panda is a sun-bather and she LOOOOOVES to lounge on the deck in the sunshine. Samsung_2015_0007 George, on the other hand, is a little garden thief. As soon as he's outdoors and done with his business, he's off to whatever is ripe and delicious around the yard. Early in the summer, he's after the strawberries! Then on to the raspberries, and when those finished up this year he discovered his love of gooseberries. Well, it may have been my fault for feeding him a few off the bush... Samsung_2015_0002Samsung_2015_0003Samsung_2015_2_0021 In case you've ever wondered how much pugs shed, here's a hint. You can furminate them for DAYS and the fur just. Won't. Stop. Samsung_2015_0001 George and Panda are television-watchers. If they were real human kids, we'd have most certainly failed at the whole "limited screen time" thing. They love to bark at things on TV! But this is what cracks me up the most: when we watch anything in the living room with horses or dogs or other fascinating creatures, George runs into the next room to see if the animals on the screen are in there. Clearly a little confused between "TV" and "window." But it gives us a laugh every time! He's sure that one of these days, there will be a real horse in there! Samsung_2015_0008 More fun on the deck... Samsung_2015_2_0007Samsung_2015_2_0012 And visits to Daddy in Waupaca at the Wisconsin Veteran's Home! It's the BEST during the summer. It's like a little resort town! Samsung_2015_2_0008Samsung_2015_2_0010 Summer trips downtown for beer, walks, and even Art Fair on the Square. I actually got to go this year! Samsung_2015_2_0018Samsung_2015_2_0017 And I got to celebrate the opening of Love, Madison Weddings and meet this lovely lady, Maison Merideth, and her hubby! Samsung_2015_2_0013 And then there was this week, when my baby seester had to have surgery on her broken collarbone. I hung out with her and let her crash on our couch while she recovered. We had a fun few days together while she healed! Samsung_2015_2_0014Samsung_2015_2_0015Samsung_2015_2_0016And that has really been my summer so far. When I'm not at weddings or editing in my office, I'm soaking up the sun and enjoying the people I love most. I'm gardening, baking, chasing down sunsets and skies, and enjoying all that Wisconsin summers offer. In the coming weeks, we're planning to camp and try our hand at stand-up-paddle boarding! So, what fun adventures have you found this summer? Why do you love summer in Wisconsin?