Sisterly Love & Generations

I just had to share this lovely moment between Katie & her sister because it resonated so much with me.  I love capturing the love between families on wedding days, but sisters are just special in a totally unique way.  Perhaps this image strikes me so much because it brings up the memories of my sister on my wedding day; she was only 18 and the eight-year difference in our ages pretty much means we're never on the same chapter of life together.  Despite that, on my wedding day I felt her happiness and love for me in a way I don't think I ever knew it before. I love that this special moment between Katie & her sister will tell another part of the story when Katie's niece or nephew is born, too.  I love imagining what Katie & Mark's life will be like when this little boy or girl is old enough to ask about their wedding day and see this photo, realizing that they were indeed there. wedding photojournalism Wisonsin photographers Sisters: cherish these wedding days.  There is a certain type of joy that is shared between sisters that is unlike any other.  Xo. _blogSignature