Shane & Anissa’s Engagement Session

Every summer seems to go this way... We wait forever for it, and then it's here and it's wonderful. What seems like ten days later, it's drawing to a close. How do all those beautiful weddings weddings, relaxed cookouts, breezy days at the lake, and cold beers at the Union fit into such a short time?! This year, we haven't even gotten around to our annual camping trip with the pugs! Oh, well- Anissa and Shane managed to enjoy their camping trip. That's where they were with their adorable fur-child, Scout, right before our engagement session in Middleton. 🙂 Oh was it lovely! A challenging, sunny day- but lovely nonetheless. MiddletonEngagementSession_0002 This one might be my favorite family portrait, because I love the way Shane is looking at Anissa as she loves on Scout. MiddletonEngagementSession_0001 Check out Scout's handsome bowtie! MiddletonEngagementSession_0003MiddletonEngagementSession_0004MiddletonEngagementSession_0005 "Mom, are we done yet?" MiddletonEngagementSession_0006MiddletonEngagementSession_0007MiddletonEngagementSession_0008 Queen Anne's Lace is one of my FAVORITES. MiddletonEngagementSession_0010MiddletonEngagementSession_0011MiddletonEngagementSession_0012MiddletonEngagementSession_0013MiddletonEngagementSession_0014MiddletonEngagementSession_0015MiddletonEngagementSession_0017MiddletonEngagementSession_0018MiddletonEngagementSession_0019MiddletonEngagementSession_0021 I am so very much looking forward to Anissa & Shane's wedding in October. Well, I'm looking forward to practically everything FALL! But I'm still working on enjoying these last bits of summer, promise. 🙂