Sean & Amy’s Ireland Wedding at Larchfield Estate

This is part two of Amy and Sean's three-part blog series. Why three parts? Because, ummm, IRELAND! This was just such a fun and wonderful experience that I couldn't stuff it into one blog post! OK I could have... But it would have probably crashed your browser. So instead, here we are in the middle! These are some of my favorite images from Sean and Amy's Irish wedding ceremony and reception. Check out the first post for some gorgeous shots of the beginning of their day, complete with a bride & groom first look and some amazing portraits at Larchfield Estate in Northern Ireland!

Once again, I LOVED the awesome vintage car that took all of us to and from the Catholic church for the wedding ceremony. SO neat!

The boys headed out early to visit the cemetery and pay respects to a family member. How lovely.

A few last moments between Pete and Amy before the ceremony entrance. Love.

After Amy was bustled, we all headed back to the estate for a wonderful reception party!

This cake TREE was so cool!

This deserves its own explanation: Meet the "Three Mad Uncles!" This trio of troublemakers serenaded us all with some fun traditional songs, and I would go back and revisit this experience any day of the week. It was so neat to enjoy this special performance!

The Irish sunset was lovely, but we had much more fun in the phone booth. Hehe.

These are some of my favorite images of the whole trip!

But wait, there's more... Coming soon, you will absolutely SWOON over the portraits we created the day after the wedding. Keep posted so you can enjoy some gorgeous Northern Ireland scenery from our fun-filled day-after destination shoot! Up next!!