Sarah & Ryan’s New Year’s Eve Wedding at the Orpheum

As a gal living in Wisconsin, I must admit that the words "I HATE THE WINTER!" have escaped my lips more than once...per day. Since the first snow. I'm not a winter sportswoman. I hate shoveling snow out of my driveway. And let's face it, cute footwear that is not only warm and functional, but RED- that's nearly impossible to find. Boo. Winter. However, winter weddings? I love them! They're a change of pace, a unique set of challenges, and sometimes they bring a whole different feel to a celebration. Particularly when they're especially festive! Today, I'm going to share with you some images from the wedding that truly kicked off my new year: Sarah & Ryan's New Year's Eve wedding at the Orpheum in Madison, WI! Madison Orpheum New Years Eve Wedding PhotographersSarah & Ryan's wedding was absolutely spectacular. It definitely helped that they had one of my favorite Madison wedding planners on their team, Rachael Tatge from Top Shelf Weddings & Events! She really puts a ton of effort and thought into each of the weddings she works on. I highly recommend her- just see for yourself the great event she coordinated for these two lovebirds who planned their wedding from Boston! I loved every minute of this day, with all of its sparkle and beauty. Bridesmaid gifts for gold weddingsMadison Wedding PhotographyWI wedding photographer On our final phone calls, Sarah was super excited to tell me about her sparkle-covered Kate Spade wedding shoes. SQUEEEE! My brides know how much I love their shoes! Great Wedding Shoes Madison PhotographersSparkly New Years Wedding Wisconsin Photographers Once in a while I get to hang out with my grooms before the day starts, and I was glad to get some time with Ryan and his brother, Chris. Goofballs, I tell ya, but they sure had a ton of fun together! You could tell that each of their families was pretty tightly knit. <3 WI wedding photojournalistsMadison photographers Sarah's girls were none too shabby themselves. Talk about gorgeous... These stunning ladies were way too fun in their Rent The Runway sequin bridesmaid dresses! Gold sequin bridesmaid dresses, Rent the RunwayWI wedding photographersBest Madison Wedding PhotographersBest Wisconsin wedding photographers Because it was New Year's Eve, Sarah & Ryan chose a late ceremony time and opted for a First Look. We got Sarah into her dress and off we went to Cooper's Tavern, where they had their rehearsal dinner the night before. It was great to have an indoor space, since the temp was in the single digits outside! Madison wedding photographersWisconsin wedding photographersWI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0036WI wedding photographerBride and groom first lookWI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0043WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0050 After the emotional moments subsided just a little, we grabbed a few portraits of the VIP's. I love to keep these quick and easy, especially on such a busy day! Bridesmaids with sequin gowns My second shooter for the day, Josh, did an awesome job. I just love having a guy around to nail that masculine perspective! Madison Wedding Photographers I had such a great time working with the video team that Sarah & Ryan chose- One Fine Day Productions from right here in Madison. They work all over the country, and they are so talented! We had a blast at their side, and we really loved how easy they were to coordinate with. We cleared the space at Coopers and all five of us photo-video-geeks got a little time with the bride & groom. WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0063WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0062WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0059 These DETAILS, to die for! WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0058New Years Eve Boutonniere Wedding StyleWI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0064WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0065WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0066 I had the chance to attend the final walk-through at the Orpheum with Rachel, where their wedding coordinator, Eve, sprung a unique idea on us: a ceremony in the balcony! We were so glad when Sarah agreed that it would be spectacular. And it was. As the guests arrived, they were handed popcorn and treated to a lovely film: the video that Ryan created to propose to Sarah. It was magical. WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0075WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0076WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0077WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0081WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0082WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0086 Right after the ceremony, the newlyweds braved the cold and snuck out for some really fun shots on State Street! WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0068WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0069WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0089WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0091WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0092WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0093 The dinner was elegant and East Coast style! Filled with fun dancing breaks, wonderfully sentimental speeches, and sparkles EVERYWHERE. My favorite. WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0097WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0098WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0099WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0100WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0101WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0104WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0107WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0108WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0109WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0115 As the night wrapped up, we all waited and enjoyed a countdown to 2015, where the happiest couple in Madison shared their midnight kiss. Madison Orpheum New Years Eve Wedding Photographers What an honor and joy it was to welcome a new year amidst such love and happiness. Thank you, Sarah & Ryan, for sharing your wedding day and the beginning of your marriage with me. WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0116WI_NYE_Wedding_Photographer_Orpheum_SR_0117 I wish you all a great year, and hope yours is turning out to be as filled with love and gratitude as mine has so far. _blogSignature