Pets in Your Engagement Portraits? Yes Please! | Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Every year, I have a handful of couples who bashfully ask me, "is it OK if we have our dog in a couple of engagement photos? My answer is a resounding "OF COURSE, YES PLEASE!!"  As a mom to the cutest two pugs that the world has ever known, George and Panda, I am a huge advocate of including your four-legged-fur-babies in your portraits.  Caring for a pet together is often an important step in a long-term relationship.  Yes, I know, a dog is NOT a baby- but when you're planning to spend your lives together and eventually have a human baby, then I concur that a dog can be great training as well as a comforting and wonderful family addition. So if you are planning your engagement photos and your little family includes a furry friend, the answer is YES.  Bring 'em along.  I highly recommend bringing along treats or their favorite toy.  After their cameo appearance in your portraits is done, it's a great idea to line up a friend or family member to babysit while you finish up if you can't make a stop back home to drop them off.  This little bit of planning will allow you to show off your pet by displaying these photos at the wedding! Engagement Sessions with DogsWisconsin wedding photographersdogs in engagement photosFBF_LindsayCorey2FBF_KarlaBenE2Engagement portraits with dogsFBF_AnaRich1Furry friends in engagement photographs If your pups are really special and your wedding day allows, why not include them in your wedding photos, too?  That's just as much fun! pets in your wedding pictures madison photographersbride with a dog wedding photographers wisconsin