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Are you married without kids? Then this post is for you. And I've got a question:

When's the last time you had a family portrait created?

That's right, a family portrait. Just the two of you. Because guess what? You're a family! Even without pitter-patters of tiny human feet, you deserve to document your family.

I've been pondering over and planning this post for quite a while. This topic hits home with me because my husband and I are precisely the sort of family I'm talking to here. We're in our thirties, celebrating our seventh year of marriage later this summer, and have no plans to add children to our family. Now, there are plenty of posts out there these days that do a great job of defending (or attacking!) our decision, but don't worry- this isn't that kind of post!

There are many couples like us out there, and not everyone is in the same situation as we are. I know couples who are just like us and don't feel that strong, amazing pull on their hearts to be parents. I know couples who are still making their decision, taking their time and enjoying one another along the way. And I know couples who yearn for children, but their journey is riddled with obstacles and heartbreak that can only be understood by those who know the same pain and struggle in their own lives.

No matter which of the categories above you fall into, my message is the same: Your tiny family deserves to be celebrated. Not just recognized, but enjoyed and lifted up. A husband and wife are just as much a family as a mom and dad and their littles (or not-so-littles). They provide one another with love, support, and encouragement. They enjoy life and endure struggles as a team. They build a home together and make memories every day.

So that's why I'm officially introducing a portrait session just for families like ours. A husband and a wife with full hearts and happy homes. It's called the Party of Two Session, and here are a few of the couples who've invited me into their tiny families and their huge hearts! Enjoy!

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If you're ready to celebrate your family of two, click here to set up your session! I would love to tell your love story to the world!