My Wedding Rings

This year, my husband & I celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary.  Instead of the big anniversary trip we try to plan each year, we played it low key and enjoyed a simple day in our hometown.  We brought our adorable pugs, Panda & George, out on a lake in a row boat with a cooler and enjoyed a couple of beers, some cheese and crackers and snacks, and the snortling of our fur-children as they curiously explored the rickety craft.  We finished our day with a dinner date on State Street in Madison and a pitcher of local brew on the dock at the Memorial Union as we watched the sunset.  It was a wonderful day! Shortly before our anniversary, I published this post with a bunch of my favorite wedding ring shots from the past couple of years.  The rings are one of the details I have the most fun with at each wedding.  Perhaps it's because I'm drawn to sparkly things.  As my husband would say, I'm a "crow" when it comes to shiny objects...  Easily distracted and drawn to them!  But today I'm reflecting a bit on the meaning of these rings and the journey they have taken me on.  Here's a recent shot of my own lovely engagement ring and wedding band: Wedding Rings Madison Photographers wisconsin I find myself staring at them often, noticing them and smiling in the middle of hectic days.  Yes, I love their sparkle and the simple design that I knew I wanted from the start.  I love wearing the band on its own and sometimes just the engagement band on its own (I never had mine soldered together so that I can wear the band separately when my fingers swell in the summer).  I feel like something is off and missing when I forget to put them on (as I sometimes do, since I take them off when I sleep). There are just SO MANY things that these rings stand for.  They constantly remind me that I belong to my husband.  That he decided so many years ago that he wanted to be mine, and I his.  That I am loved, desired, cherished.  That when I go home, I'm going home to the love of my life.  That out in the world, I am an advocate for a happy and solid marriage and what that brings to my life and the lives of others who experience a fulfilling marriage each day.  They also remind me of the struggles we've been through.  The challenges we have faced and overcome together, and the challenges we have yet to encounter.  The commitment we made to standing side by side through life in a world full of temptations just waiting to tear us apart. Do your wedding rings make you feel this way, or am I just a hopeless romantic?  I'd love to hear what you think about when your beautiful rings catch your eye! _blogSignature