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As a creative entrepreneur, I feel a kinship with people who create great companies and promote products I can really stand behind! Over the past several years, I have found many products that I absolutely LOVE and I have often thought to myself, "wow, my brides would LOVE this!" I recently decided it's time to share my favorite things with all of my beautiful brides. And here they are!

Each of these products is something that I have tried and ENJOYED. You know what they say about word of mouth: these days, it is posted instead of spoken. If you decide to try any of these items, the links you use may or may not be a referral link that will send me a little kickback or discount in return. I am always happy to use links like this to help out my friends and clients and thank them for sending me to something I'm eager to try! If you're not OK with this, simply find the product through a search engine or find a link without my info. No biggie, but using my links is totally appreciated! Who doesn't like discounts and little incentives?

Enjoy, and if you have any questions about any of these products just shoot me an email at amanda@amandaredweddings.com!

For lip color that has REAL staying power: LipSense!

LipSense in Madison Wisconsin

One of my former brides, Karen, became a Senegence distributor after falling in love with LipSense. So far, I have splurged on four colors and two glosses and I am IN LOVE! I am not normally a lip color gal, but this has changed the game for me. I struggle to keep color on my lips- especially on long wedding days! I do not often take the time to do anything other than throw another coat of gloss onto my lips between one wedding day task and the next, so LipSense makes perfect sense for me. Here are my favorite features of LipSense:

  • Apply color in the morning and it will STAY until you take it off! Seriously, this lasts ALL DAY.
  • Apply gloss over your color and replenish throughout the day to keep your lips soft and color safe.
  • Doesn't come off on coffee cups or kisses: just keep your gloss on and you're set!
  • Apply 2-5 coats to control intensity of color, or LAYER your colors from your collection- this means a TON of variety in a few tubes of color!
  • Change up the look of a color with a new gloss! One color will look totally different with glossy, pearl, or matte gloss on top!

To order LipSense, send me an email at amanda@amandaredweddings.com. 🙂