Monday’s Moment | Victoria & The Littlest Maid of Honor

Today's moment is one that touched my heart because it brought me back to my own wedding day, and a relationship that is dear to my heart: little sisters. Victoria and Mitch's wedding was full of family love, heirlooms, and personal details. They were married on Victoria's parents' 28th wedding anniversary. Both of Victoria's little sisters had special roles in the wedding, as maid of honor and flower girl. Her proud papa could barely contain his happiness as he spent the day smiling at his gorgeous family. His speech made everyone cry, including myself (about the thousandth time I've thanked Mary Kay for their waterproof mascara). But the speech that stole the show, in my eyes, was Victoria's sister. She was just about the littlest maid of honor you ever did see. As she stood with the microphone to her lips and her sister's radiant face looking up at her as she read her hand-written speech, you could tell that her dad's gentle hand on her shoulder was helping her get through the moment. I recalled my own baby sister tearfully stumbling through her sweet maid of honor speech about five and a half years ago, when she was just 18. Her speech was beautiful. After the toast, there was a long hug, and Victoria wiped away some happy tears from her sister's face, and the two exchanged this loving look... wedding photojournalism photojournalists Sadly, it'll be more than a few years until Victoria inevitably delivers her matron of honor speech as her sister celebrates her marriage (which will be on April 26, too, she says!). But until then, this look between these two girls tells me that the coming years will be filled with tender sisterly advice, fun moments, and beautiful memories. Being a big sister is an important job that doesn't end when you're both "all grown up." It's a lifetime commitment, and a rewarding one at that. I know Victoria and her sister will always cherish this memory together, as I cherish my memories with my little sis! _blogSignature