Monday’s Moment | Unexpected Guests

Welcome to a new series on my blog: Monday's Moments. Over the past five years, as I have grown my company and enjoyed over 120 weddings and counting, I have found that my very favorite images are the candid moments that happen in between the big ones. The hugs, the smiles, the laughter, the goofiness, the tears- those are what make my job so meaningful. The opportunity to preserve those fleeting emotions for my clients to enjoy forever: that's what I do this for. And so, every Monday I will share a moment that I have particularly enjoyed, giving you a glimpse into the amazing range of human emotion I get to be a part of every weekend. To kick things off, I thought I'd share an interesting image from this past weekend with Aaron and Elizabeth in Door County, Wisconsin. They had their wedding at Gordon Lodge in Egg Harbor. Thanks to a very long winter and an equally late arrival of spring, their wedding coincided with a short but intense season on any lakeshore: May fly season! May flies live just a short time, only days, but they hatch in mass quantities and settle in the grass. When you walk around, you kick them up and they hover about in swarms. There was much deliberation over whether Elizabeth & Aaron would move their outdoor ceremony plans inside to the great room with a fireplace backdrop. In the end, they decided that they weren't ready to give up the beautiful views for which they had chosen Gordon Lodge; their ceremony would proceed lake-side. It was a beautiful sunny day, with a cool breeze and green grass and a blue backdrop of lake and sky. Their ceremony was simple and personalized. The smiles were genuine and the love was overflowing. And all of this despite a few thousand unexpected guests: Wedding photojournalists in Wisconsin You know, I can't blame these little buggers for their uninvited presence at the ceremony. If my life were as short as a may fly's, I would want to be a guest at a wedding as beautiful as this one before my time was up. It's my personal belief that the little things that go "wrong" on your special day are simply a part of your story. Love isn't perfect, so why should the ultimate expression of love be perfect? Imperfection can be even more beautiful. _blogSignature