Monday’s Moment | Matt & Devina’s Storm

There's a reason that we love summer weddings. Cool cocktails in summer breezes, cute dresses, warm sunsets...swoon! But as I sit huddled in my basement this evening--and I'm not coming out until my phone says I can--I'm reminded that summer is a fickle season. It's the season of fierce storms and rain and wind that can make brides want to cry. In honor of summer storms, today's moment is from Devina & Matt's wedding last summer. As their ceremony began, an ominous storm rolled in behind them at the War Memorial and swallowed up the lakefront. When the rain began, the couple and their friends and family made quick work of moving the events indoors. It was just as chaotic as you would imagine it; the crowd was a blur of white folding chairs, umbrellas, colorful sari's, and nervous faces. It all came out beautifully in the end, but one of the memories I have of that moment was the look of disappointment on Devina's face as she huddled with her almost-hubby and walked through the rain. Just after she walked inside, I noticed the sky beyond the Milwaukee Art Museum. The glow of the afternoon sun was peeking through as the storm engulfed it, and it was really beautiful. Milwaukee Wedding Photographers I think this image is stunning, and since then it has served as a reminder to me of how persistent the good things are. Marriages have storms. It's why the vows are so serious, and why we pledge ourselves to one another in good times and bad ones. Storms happen. And sometimes on wedding days. But they can be beautiful. Stay safe, friends! _blogSignature