Monday’s Moment | Lindsey & Mike’s Capitol Elopement

Today's moment was hard to choose, but I settled on this great image from Lindsey & Mike's wedding. Remember that they were the last couple in my recent four-wedding marathon weekend? Well, their wedding was special. It was a long-awaited celebration for various reasons, and I was thrilled and blessed to be part of it. These two lovebirds eloped at the Wisconsin Capitol Building on a gorgeous Sunday evening, with four of their favorite people by their side. Their wedding was, in itself, a beautiful few moments of pure love. Tears flowed and their brief vows were full of sincerity and solemnity. It was simply wonderful to witness. Pure joy, few frills, and just enough beauty to be remembered forever. One of the neat things they did during their abbreviated festivities was a balloon release at the Capitol. Oh how lovely it was to watch these colorful balloons head off into the sky and into the blue! Each balloon carried a card with a website address, where anyone who found the card could send them well wishes and congratulations. I thought this was such a fun, unique way to send their love out into the world! Madison Wisconsin Capitol Wedding Elopement Weddings, if you ask me, aren't about how big or small they are. They're about the love that makes everything happen in the first place. Lindsey and Mike, I am so happy that I was part of your intimate wedding! Thank you! _blogSignature