Monday’s Moment | Baba’s Superhero Cape

Over the past several years of my career, I've had a good handful of weddings with couples whose children are a major part of the event. And if you know me and my business, you might figure this isn't my favorite thing because I don't really shoot children very often at all. But that's not true, trust me. I adore children at weddings. They add an element of surprise, wonder, silliness, and awe to a rather organized and seemingly formulaic day. As a photographer with a huge soft spot for moments, I love them! Kids don't know it's a wedding day, they just tag along on the fun and wonder what all the fuss is about. Such was the case with adorable Omar, Jennifer & Midou's son. Their wedding was a renewal of vows they took back in 2011, after they met and fell in love while Jennifer was studying abroad in Italy. I first met Jennifer while she was still waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting) to hear the good news that Midou had gotten the green light to join her and their son in America. Back in February, I was able to tag along when Midou came home and met his baby boy for the first time. So suffice to say, Omar was a very big part of this love story and this wedding day. But he didn't know that. He was just joining in the fun, kicking off his adorable Moroccan shoes whenever he could get away with it, and enjoying the excitement around his mom & "baba." And Midou has transformed into the most playful, doting father that you ever did see. It's such fun to watch them together! So when we arrived at the Capitol and awaited the beginning of the ceremony, MIdou and Omar started playing around with the fun, traditional, Moroccan cape that Midou wore over his jabador. I got an odd look when I crouched at Midou's feet and asked him to do it again, but I also got this: Moroccan Wedding Photographer Wisconsin This image just makes me smile. It's not very wedding-y, I know, but it's a little boy and his father having some fun together on a really special day... And that's what I love. P.S. Nick, the guy smiling at Omar, was the BEST babysitter who ever attended a wedding day. Jennifer and Midou got to enjoy their day and enjoy their son's company while everything else was taken care of! Nice work, Nick! _blogSignature