Monday’s Moment | Adam Sings to His Bride

Confession: I am a huge fan of musicals. Stage musicals and movie musicals alike, I enjoy a really great story supported by a collection of fun songs and melodies. I also adore period pieces and love stories, so when each of those elements comes together into a fantastic movie, I'm in heaven! Is there anything better? Well, maybe there is. Perhaps in the form of a fun & slightly goofy couple like Josie and Adam as they dance together for the first time as husband and wife, singing along and serenading one another in a comical manner, to the tune "Come What May" from one of my all-time favorite musical movies: Moulin Rouge: Madison Wedding Photographer Lake Farm Park Yep. That's definitely on top of the list! I love this image of Adam singing to Josie so much. It's so very THEM, it captures the guests laughing in the background as they enjoy the dance, and it brings the song and the memories of witnessing this moment back to my mind so colorfully! I'll never forget it. It's priceless. _blogSignature           P.S. If you love my Moments posts, you can find a bunch more of them by clicking right here! Enjoy!