Moments Matter: The World’s Cutest Grampa

One of the things I tell my couples about how we work their wedding day is that we don't typically shoot very much during dinner.  I'm pretty sure that nobody enjoys being photographed while they are eating, and even if I did torture your guests with my camera during dinner I am pretty sure you wouldn't want those images in your album or hanging on your walls.  So, Nick and I usually take dinner time to enjoy our food, shoot the toasts, refuel, and prep our gear for the upcoming dances. But that does NOT mean that we'll sit idly by while something meaningful goes on.  I always eat with my camera in my lap or at my side, in anticipation of the unexpected moment. At Ben & Karla's wedding, that moment began when Karla's mom gathered some of her family together and lined up her dad with all of his GREAT-grandkids.  Yes, Karla's grampa, at 95, had an adorable little group of great-grandchildren.  As he smiled for the line of iPhones and point-and-shoot cameras from the family, I patiently waited and grabbed a professional shot of each group for the bride & groom to enjoy.  Those snapshots pale in comparison, however, to this moment when one of the moms urged these sweet little girls to give the cameras their "big smiles."  They sure did, but so did great-grampa: Wisconsin wedding photojournalist photographer photojournalism This image fills my heart with joy.  I am so thankful that I was able to capture this moment forever.  Sigh, what a wonderful job I have!  🙂