Moments Matter: Anne Dances With Her Girls and Makes Me Smile

One of the things that makes me grateful for my job is the impact my photographs have on people.  Including myself.  After all, why do we value photography if not to look back on moments gone by and smile at the memories?  Especially when things maybe aren't going so fabulously, no matter how big or small the setbacks are? I've spent a good couple hours of my afternoon giving my website a mini-rehaul.  Well, attempting to.  Go ahead, click around.  It's a bit of a mess right now.  It's a work in progress.  Isn't everything, though?  Anyway, I digress.  This mini-rehaul has caused me a minor headache and a lump of frustration that was threatening to ruin my day.  Time to switch gears, so I began working on some pricing for Anne & Jeff's album and product order (I cannot wait to see which amazing frame they choose for their family portrait!).  Then I remembered that I had set aside an image of Anne dancing with her four girls: her three daughters and Jeff's daughter, who all became sisters this past July.  And it's time to blog that image.  Because if it brought a huge smile to my face in the midst of a mildly frustrating afternoon, it just might bring a smile to others as well. How could it not?  I just love the carefree smile on Anne's face as she held hands with the four most important women in her life, celebrating the new family and marriage that was official just hours before.  In the background, you see Jeff's son playing guitar and singing a song, just for his loved ones.  What a stunning moment, don't you think? Madison Wisconsin wedding photojournalism