Jacob’s Surprise Proposal to Stephanie

Aaaah I'm such a sap! I absolutely adore when this happens! Last weekend I got to drive to beautiful Green Lake, Wisconsin and photograph a surprise proposal!

Jacob knew that Stephanie, who is a bit of a photographer herself, really wanted to have photographs to look back on when he proposed to her. So he reached out to me, and we worked out the details. Last Saturday was a perfect day for a drive, and a perfect day for a "casual stroll" along the lake! In cahoots with her parents, he brought her to the exact spot I hoped he'd pick. And the rest is just better in pictures...

This one is hands-down my favorite shot! LOVE!

Meet Anne and Gary and their crew... These sweet folks were having cupcakes and wine in the sunshine to celebrate a birthday, and they graciously allowed me to hide in their group while we waited for Stephanie and Jacob to arrive! Gary even asked a fisherman to move so our lovebirds had that perfect spot. Everyone was so excited for them! After she said yes, these guys cheered and brought them wine and a cupcake!

I pulled them off to the side and snapped a few early engagement photos. šŸ™‚ Gotta love such a gorgeous day!

Stephanie's parents had taken Jacob's daughter to grab some ice cream, so we took a couple quick family shots when they returned (after all of the hugs of course!). I loved her messy blue moon face! Don't they make the sweetest little family?

I had such a blast documenting your special moment, Stephanie and Jacob... I am so happy for you guys!