Heather & Nate’s Winter Wedding in Appleton

Wisconsin Winter wedding photography

This past February, my beautiful cousin Heather and her hubby Nate invited me to join in the celebration of their marriage and photograph their wedding. I was so thrilled! You see, I have around 27 cousins on my Dad's side, and distance kept me from getting to know many of them very well as we all grew up. As an adult I've been so happy to get to know a few of these wonderful people that I'm blessed to call family- all thanks to Facebook! Yes, you've gotta love social media and all of the re-connecting it allows us these days. Anyway, Heather and I have kept in touch with a few visits here and there over the past several years. I was beyond happy for her when she met Nate and finally had the right man at her side!

The most amazing thing about my friend and cousin Heather is how she has tackled this new journey in life with every ounce of her heart and soul. She went from being a single, independent woman to a wife and step-mother to FIVE lovely kids. She has truly inspired me by loving on her new family with intensity and sincerity. It was a blessing to witness and document all of the love that flowed between these two families, one of which is MY family... The tears were abundant and I found myself SO grateful for my waterproof mascara and autofocus!

To make their wedding even more special to me, my own hubby tagged along and tested the waters of wedding photography with me. He did a fantastic job and I was so impressed and proud of the man I get to do life with. I think my favorite memory from their day is of Heather telling me how fun it was to watch us work together as husband and wife. They had such a beautiful wedding day; it is one I will forever remember with fondness. Re-visiting their images to post this little blog has brought back the warm fuzzies like CRAZY! I hope you can feel them, too, as you enjoy this little peek into their winter wedding day!







To my dear cousin Heather and her hubby Nate, I will forever be grateful that I got to enjoy your heartfelt wedding celebration with you guys. I'll remember it as the day hubby debuted as an awesome wingman, and the day I got to see the beginning to your very own beautiful family. I know you have a wonderful lifetime together ahead of you!