Great Ideas for Your Wedding Gift Registry!

Weddings have really come far in all kinds of ways since I began planning our 2008 wedding almost TEN years ago! It really is amazing how much today's brides have access to that I would have loved to enjoy back then. One thing I think we struggled with was our gift registry. Coming into our marriage as independent adults, we brought two apartments' worth of items together into one home. So, choosing things that we needed was difficult because we didn't need many of the typical things. We also didn't purchase our first home until after our wedding, so we really didn't know what the aesthetic would be in our "real" home. Nor did we have the space for everything we'd need when we did find our little love nest!

Based on our experience, I was excited when I found this handy infographic in my email inbox. 🙂 I recommended to the creator that they add one thing that was missing: a gift registry from your wedding photographer! Did you know this is something I offer? I sure would have loved to receive gift certificates toward the wedding album of our dreams when we got married! We still cherish many of the gifts we received, but I am happy to give my couples the option to get a head start on the most beautiful wedding album they're drooling over!

If your wedding album is covered, check out the rest of these wonderful ideas for your wedding gift registry! Enjoy!

Wedding Photographer WI Gift Registry