Fun New Things | Custom USB Flash Drives for Brides & Grooms!

Today I want to share something new and fun that will accompany all of my wedding packages this year: pretty Amanda Red USB drives! USB drives for photographers I grew up on film. When I was 13, I stepped into the darkroom for the first time in my freshman high school photography class. The cool air, the red light, the sound of rushing water, and the smell of chemicals will be an experience I never forget. That space was my sanctuary, and every darkroom I set foot in after would become a favorite place of mine. Black and white photography taught me a ton, and over my college years I'd learn to work in even more challenging color darkrooms where the dark would close around me completely and leave me in a comfortable and safe cocoon of black. My move to digital led to my love for weddings, and everything changed. And not just for me, but everyone. As technology has plugged along, I have moved through many different methods of delivering my clients' wedding photos to them. Gone are the days of thick proof books or spiral bound pages of thumbnail contact prints. Wedding photography, along with the rest of the world, has gone primarily digital. While I believe that the wedding album is absolutely the best way to enjoy and preserve your wedding memories, it's also imperative to give my couples their digital files to archive and enjoy. I began by burning CD's, graduated to DVD's, printed my own custom labels, and then moved to USB drives with my logo printed on them. Over the past couple of years I have relied solely on giving my clients digital access to download their images to their own computer, which I will continue in 2016. Downloads are easy and convenient, but they leave me with nothing fun to send out to my client until they order their albums, canvasses, and other products! So I went on a search for something cute and custom. I found these adorable bamboo drives that look so cute with my red shoes printed on them! Now, I'll get to send out these cute little packages to my brides and grooms. Yay! Photographer flash drives Custom USB flash drivesCustom Flash Drives for Photographers To my photographer friends, I am very happy with my cute wooden drives. You should check out USB Memory Direct if you are in the market for fun new drives for your clients! I highly recommend them and can't wait for my lovely couples to enjoy them this year!