F.A.Q. | all the questions they tell you to ask me!

What is your style as a photographer?

Since all of the online wedding planners and guides are going to tell you to ask me this question anyway, I'll do my best to answer it here. First, though, I'll encourage you to look through my portfolio and blog to see if you like my images. Don't base your decision to hire a photographer based on the buzz words they use in describing their style- base your decision on their images. Do the images speak to you? Do they evoke an emotion that you identify with? Do they make you laugh, pause, smile, or go "aaaw"? Then hire THAT photographer. The one whose images you love, enjoy, and connect with.

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If I must put my style into words, however, here goes. I strive to create images that are sentimental, full of emotion. I love vibrant and bold details that piece together the vision you had as you imagined and designed your wedding day. I love sophisticated portraits that aren't awkwardly posed or terribly cheesy. Portraits that won't make you look back and cringe and say, "remember when that was all the rage on Pinterest?" I look for the moments in between the big ones. I search for real smiles, laughter, tears, glances, embraces, and love. I believe that documenting your day means more than just snapping a few shots to prove that you said some vows, exchanged rings, and cut the cake. I want to tell your love story in a way that goes far beyond those basic elements of a wedding day and shows why YOUR DAY was uniquely YOURS.

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How many weddings to you take each year?

I have run my wedding photography brand since 2008. On average each year, I have served a wonderful array of 20-35 weddings and have felt so blessed to be chosen by the sweetest couples in to capture their days. I truly adore my job because I believe in marriage. I believe that husband and wife are sacred and important roles. Of course, my beliefs apply to my very own marriage. Over the years, I have kissed my hubby and said goodbye on the sunniest, loveliest Saturdays of the year to celebrate new marriages with my clients. In 2016, that wonderful man of mine began to join me for a select number of destination weddings! This adds to our adventures together and creates meaningful memories not only in our marriage, but in those that we get to celebrate with together. From then on, we decided to reserve a small number of spots in my calendar for exciting destinations which we'll photograph as a husband-wife team. No matter what, I strive to offer my clients the best I can while balancing my need for family time. I encourage everyone reading this page to do the same!


How far ahead should we book you?

While each year is a little different, this probably depends on your wedding date. Weekends between June and October book quite quickly, so if you are very interested in my work I suggest reaching out as early as possible. If you're planning a destination wedding, we need to chat sooner than later to accommodate travel schedules. As a rule, one year ahead of your wedding is a good time to lock in your photographer; but no matter your date, don't hesitate to reach out anyway to see if I'm free! If I'm not, I'll take a few moments to send you the names and links to some of my most talented photographer buddies who will undoubtedly do a wonderful job for you as well.

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Do we get access to our digital files?

Yes, yes you do! Nearly all of my coverage, including my hourly a-la-carte coverage and most of my portrait packages, include access to your digital files (exceptions may include mini-sessions, custom collections, and special offers). In this day and age, I believe this is an important way for you to archive your images. Digital access is primarily available in the form of a download, but many of my clients will also receive a USB drive with their images on it for safekeeping. Now, this said, digital files are great but they don't look that awesome on your walls! That's why I like to work with my clients to put together some beautiful products after their weddings that will decorate their homes and bring a smile to their face on a daily basis.

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How long have you been a photographer?

Although I began my business officially in 2008 and went full-time in 2009, I have been studying the art of photography since I was 14. That means I've been behind the camera for over 20 years. I learned on black and white film, began my schooling at a prestigious art school on a scholarship, and decided to complete my degree here in Wisconsin. I've worked in a commercial analog color darkroom, interned with Time Out New York magazine, apprenticed as a second shooter for nearly two years, and studied around the world with one of the leading wedding photography and lighting mentors in the industry. Even after two decades learning all about this wonderful media I am very aware that there is always room for improvement. The day you stop learning is the day you stop producing something new.

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What type of equipment do you use?

I'm a Canon girl and a gear-hog. I always have two professional-level digital cameras with me, and a backup third to boot (note: these are not Canon Rebels!). I employ a variety of lenses so that I always have the right piece of glass for the job. It's important to me to have the best piece of equipment at my disposal for the situation I'm going into. For that reason, I also bring along a variety of lighting equipment so that a dark room won't stop us from getting the shot. My bags are stuffed with flashes, video lights, and other random fun things to ensure that I'm prepared.

I'm always happy to chat all the geeky details if you are familiar with camera gear, but otherwise- rest assured that I've got everything I need to document your story.

Can we provide you with a list of shots we'd like?

In general, I don't work off of a shot list. My style of photography is best left to go with the flow of your day and can be hindered by checking off a list throughout the day's events. However, I am happy to review a select set of shots that you'd like me to be inspired by. If you've found a shot or two you must have, or a theme or idea you'd like to run with, I'll definitely take a peek and we'll discuss how to best fit it to your day. Another list that is often helpful is any family groupings that extend beyond your parents, siblings, and grandparents; for example, godparents or cousins or aunts and uncles. Overall, many of my couples want me to simply do my thing- but that doesn't rule out a little bit of collaboration on some fun ideas. Just remember; my goal is to make your images classic and timeless rather than to keep up with today's trends and fads.

What if you haven't worked at our venue before?

With so many beautiful venues out there today, there's a good chance that your wedding might be my first opportunity to work at your particular ceremony or reception venue. If this is the case, do not fear! I have worked in all sorts of lighting situations and locations both indoor and outdoor. If you'd like, I can provide you with a gallery to look through that showcases a similar space. I'll look online for references or make a quick stop into your venue to be sure I'm aware of all the necessary specifics. If you're nervous about something, just let me know and we'll talk it through. I will, on occasion, attend a walk-through with your venue coordinator or wedding planner if that seems the best route.