City Style | Engagement Sessions with an Urban Backdrop

I confess: I'm a big city girl living in Midwestern suburbia. I adore big cities. The energy, the architecture, the variety of places to go and things to see- it all gets my heart racing and puts a big smile on my face. I spent my first year of college in Manhattan and my favorite travel destinations are downtown centers around the world. Among my favorite cities are Paris, San Francisco, Vancouver, and New York. One of my favorite activities when I travel is to lose myself in the busy streets of a bustling metropolis and just explore. And then I married my total opposite: a man who gets just the slightest bit frazzled among the hustle and bustle that I love. My honey prefers winding country roads and quiet bike trails. But it's all right, because the peace of our backyard and the sprawl of our comfy home make my heart smile, too. These days, I indulge in a little travel here and there to quench my wanderlust and then I return home to our little bit of paradise. Sometimes, those trips involve a chance to shoot a portrait or a couple in love. Engagement portraits in a big city thrill me. It's so much fun to hang out with one of my couples and search for the angles, lines, textures, buildings, and backdrops that you just don't find in a beautifully manicured garden or a wild and overgrown field. While I do enjoy those settings (and a session is more about your favorite places than mine!), they don't carry the excitement of a city for me. So today I am sharing some of my favorite urban engagement portraits while I dream up my next visit to the lands of skyscrapers, taxicabs, and twinkling skylines. These are just a few favorites, but in the upcoming weeks I'll share some of these really fun sessions with you in a bit more detail! Manhattan Engagement Session Wisconsin PhotographerSt Louis Wedding Photographer Madison WIUrbanEngagementSessionMilwaukeeMinneapolis Engagement Session Stone Arch BridgeEngagement Portraits Milwaukee WIMadison Skyline Engagement PortraitChicago IL Engagement Wedding Photography