Bug & Alex’s Overture Center Elopement


Did you know that I offer elopement-style coverage for shorter events? I do! And I really enjoy them.

Bug and Alex planned a beautifully intimate, stylish wedding downtown Madison. When they booked me, they hadn't even found a venue yet. They were really relaxed about the details of their day! I love an elopement-style wedding like theirs because it truly is all about the main event: the beginning of a marriage. Their five guests were their parents and the sister of the bride. The couple of times we met to discuss their details, I couldn't help but admire the fact that these two were content to enjoy the simplicity of their vows, their day together, and a few hours with their closest loved ones. Though many couples choose a larger celebration - and that is wonderful, too! - I enjoy the occasional reminder that this really is, at the root of it all, simply about two people becoming a family. Two families becoming connected and beginning to write a new chapter of what will be their family history together.

I was so excited to work with these two! I was excited and giddy about Bug's sequin-covered gown (I love anything full of sparkles, I really do). I was pumped to have a casual, low-key afternoon to enjoy the impending spring weather and stroll around the Capitol Square and the Overture Center. My gear was packed and I had an inspiring list of ideas swimming around my head. That is, until Friday morning. Disaster struck, and I was forced to admit that just maybe, I was too sick to cover their wedding. So many things went through my foggy head as I stared at my phone...putting my emergency plan into action.

Every photographer needs an emergency back-up plan.

Of course we all hope that we'll never need to use it, but that plan MUST be there. It must be ready to go. As difficult as it can be to do, I had to turn this wedding over to a colleague and put my couple's best interest first. And in my next post, I'm going to share what that plan is and why it works. I think it's important for both my clients and my peers to know what a great back-up solution looks like, because you never know when you will need it!

For now, however, I have some awesome images to share. A HUGE thank-you to my fellow local wedding photographer, Jarred Hamilton, and my trusty second shooter, Graydon! Jarred, of Thrive Photography and Films, graciously jumped in and gave up his Friday afternoon to save me and rescue my clients. Graydon sprang into action and made sure their images made it safely to me when all was done. Together, they did an AAAHHHMAZING job, and took care of my clients so well. I'm thrilled with the images they created as a team and am so grateful to Bug and Alex for trusting me, trusting them, and going with the flow. Just look at what a gorgeous afternoon they had!


Having a smaller affair doesn't mean you have to skip on the fun details... Just look at this STUNNING bouquet and the unique invitations they gave to their families! I love Bug's sense of style. The gold-tipped feathers are just so much fun.


A simple ceremony at the Overture was perfect. Lots of gorgeous light, and intimate without feeling cramped.



Sequins and feathers and anemones! Swoon.

MadisonOvertureWedding_Elopement_0005MadisonOvertureWedding_Elopement_0008It just doesn't get much better than the light at the Overture. This set of shots that Jerrad got were so impressive, so gorgeous- that I went right out and ordered this lens. It's a gorgeous portrait lens, one that's been absent from my bag thus far. Pretty much the only thing I hadn't splurged on yet! If I can do it half as much justice as Jerrad did here, I think it will become my new favorite. And how beautiful is Bug, with her glamorous red lips?!



To Jerrad and Graydon, who made me feel INFINITELY better about having to deploy my emergency plan- Thank you both. I can't say enough how pleased I am that I could put my clients in your hands.

To Bug & Alex, THANK YOU! For trusting me, for going with the flow, and for making a process that was stressful so much easier to handle. Your wedding was gorgeous! Congratulations!