Bling! | Mandie’s Favorite Ring Shots

One of my favorite amusing moments of a wedding day is the moment I ask for the rings.  One of the important details to capture is the wedding rings...  And NO, not posed stiffly over the bouquet.  I mean on their own, sparkling like crazy, beautiful macro-style ring shots.  So, when I sidle up to the couple during the chatty part of dinner or the DJ's first open set and hold out my hand and say "OK, hand over the bling..."  You should see the looks on guests' faces as the bride and groom don't even bat an eye and hand over their gorgeous new wedding rings!  I get reactions like "whoa, you really trust those photographers!" or "oh no, they're gonna switch 'em out for fakes!"  To which I respond with a sly smile as I whisk away the beautiful jewelry and disappear into a crowd. I just love the handful of moments that I get to enjoy with the rings. It's really fun to create a unique and special ring shot for each of my couples. I play with light, angles, reflections, props, or anything we can find to create an artistic image of your wedding rings on their first day outside of their protective boxes and out in the world for good.  I love colorful ring shots and bold black and whites.  I find ring shots to be great candidates for wall art, album covers, or maybe even a photo mosaic print. Enjoy this little collection of some of my favorite ring shots from the past couple of years.  So much fun to see them all together! Wisconsin Wedding Photography

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