Becky & Tony’s Beautiful Oshkosh Wedding

Oshkosh Wedding Photographers Convention Center Hello, winter. This past weekend's freshly fallen snow accompanied my last wedding of the year, and thus closed out my 2015 wedding season. And what a fantastic season it was! In the midst of finishing up the annual fall backup of editing, this blog post took a bit longer than planned... But here we are, it's time to share Becky & Tony's beautiful Oshkosh wedding! I've really enjoyed working with these two and their fur-daughter, Roary. These guys are a laid-back and go-with-the-flow pair of people and they planned a gorgeous affair at the Oshkosh Convention Center. In addition to a classic and elegant theme, they brought some fantastic people along to enjoy their day! I got to hang out with past AND future brides and grooms! Take a peek and enjoy reliving this wonderful wedding! Best Western Oshkosh WI Wedding Photographer Of course, I adored Becky's colorful and fun wedding shoes. Can you tell? Vis_Blog_0015_WEBVis_Blog_0021_WEBVis_Blog_0017_WEBVis_Blog_0019_WEB The beaded detail on Becky's gown was DIVINE. Swoon! Vis_Blog_0032_WEBVis_Blog_0035_WEBVis_Blog_0039_WEBVis_Blog_0040_WEBVis_Blog_0047_WEBVis_Blog_0051_WEBVis_Blog_0053_WEB I got to hang out with Tony and his guys for a bit, too- which I usually send my second shooter to do. I enjoyed getting to do this part myself! Gotta love a wedding day with so much time to spare. Vis_Blog_0002_WEBVis_Blog_0006_WEBVis_Blog_0011_WEB With a later ceremony, we kicked off the festivities with an intimate first look. Vis_Blog_0059_WEBVis_Blog_0061_WEBVis_Blog_0064_WEBVis_Blog_0067_WEBVis_Blog_0070_WEBVis_Blog_0075_WEBVis_Blog_0076_WEBVis_Blog_0079_WEB The windy, chilly day sent us on the hunt for an indoor portrait location. My awesome sidekick for the day, Rachel Alessandra, suggested the EAA Museum. Little did I know that Tony is an aviation enthusiast! Perfect spot! If you're getting married in Oshkosh, consider the entry tickets to the museum for some portraits. It's a unique and fun spot for some indoor shots- well worth the investment! Vis_Blog_0083_WEBVis_Blog_0091_WEBVis_Blog_0093_WEBVis_Blog_0098_WEBVis_Blog_0100_WEBVis_Blog_0101_WEB Detail-oriented brides make my day! Her sweet groom checking out the schedule. We were on time! Vis_Blog_0103_WEB That gown. Stunning. Vis_Blog_0106_WEBVis_Blog_0108_WEBVis_Blog_0110_WEBVis_Blog_0113_WEBVis_Blog_0114_WEBVis_Blog_0116_WEBVis_Blog_0120_WEBVis_Blog_0122_WEBVis_Blog_0124_WEBVis_Blog_0130_WEBVis_Blog_0137_WEBVis_Blog_0140_WEBVis_Blog_0143_WEBVis_Blog_0145_WEBVis_Blog_0146_WEB The wind chased us inside for the ceremony, but that's all right... It was still lovely! Vis_Blog_0157_WEB Roary Roo: Miniature Bride. The best!! Vis_Blog_0159_WEB She wore her tutu so well, don't you think? Vis_Blog_0160_WEB The cutest little Ring Security guy you ever did see! Vis_Blog_0164_WEBVis_Blog_0170_WEBVis_Blog_0178_WEB Meet Brittany. She's the world's best Maid of Honor (I've seen her in action TWICE!), the prettiest officiant, and creative in a pinch! Like when the aisle runner needs a little help staying put! Vis_Blog_0186_WEBVis_Blog_0190_WEBVis_Blog_0192_WEBVis_Blog_0196_WEBVis_Blog_0198_WEBVis_Blog_0200_WEB I love this- the happiest little family traipsing down the aisle! Vis_Blog_0202_WEB A little note about Roary: I think she might be the most well-behaved dog ever. She was perfectly patient during their engagement session, and the picture of obedience during the wedding. If I weren't such a crazy pug fanatic, I'd have to have a Goldendoodle as my next pup! She won my heart! Vis_Blog_0206_WEBVis_Blog_0208_WEBVis_Blog_0210_WEB The Convention Center looked awesome with the uplighting! Vis_Blog_0205_WEBVis_Blog_0218_WEBVis_Blog_0147_WEBVis_Blog_0151_WEB I love these shots. 🙂 On the left, Mr. & Mrs. Vis with Mr. & Mrs. Glazer- whose 2011 wedding I still look back at and LOVE! On the right, they're joined by my 2016 clients, Rob and Tiffany! Yep, that's the gorgeous MOH and officiant you met above. Cannot WAIT for their wedding next July in Colorado! Vis_Blog_0220_WEB With a short window for sunset, we couldn't believe that we got a rainbow to boot. So. Perfect. Vis_Blog_0226_WEBVis_Blog_0230_WEBVis_Blog_0232_WEBVis_Blog_0234_WEBVis_Blog_0239_WEBVis_Blog_0241_WEBVis_Blog_0242_WEBVis_Blog_0245_WEBVis_Blog_0246_WEB Since Becky & Tony used to work at Culver's, they treated their guests to an ice cream bar along with their cupcakes. My goodness, my favorite wedding dessert to date, I think! The hubby and I are big Culver's fans! Vis_Blog_0251_WEB This adorable little guy was so excited about his sundae that he shook all his toppings off. Aaaaw! Vis_Blog_0248_WEBVis_Blog_0253_WEBVis_Blog_0255_WEBVis_Blog_0259_WEBVis_Blog_0261_WEBVis_Blog_0262_WEBVis_Blog_0265_WEBVis_Blog_0266_WEBVis_Blog_0268_WEBVis_Blog_0273_WEB Becky and Tony- thank you. I was so glad to be a part of your fun-filled day! It was perfectly elegant and filled with all the right things. Give that Roary a good snuggle for me! PostFooterLoveMandie