Audrey & Matthew’s Country Picnic Wedding

Matthew and Audrey planned an intimate wedding ceremony in the presence of their families on a gorgeous and sunny June day. The sun sprinkled through the leaves in a small grove of trees as they said their vows between moments of scripture and prayer, with their loved ones watching over them. It was simple and perfectly beautiful, in the middle of rolling Wisconsin hills and fields surrounding Dodgeville's Folklore Village. Their wedding day was easy to enjoy from start to finish because the warmth that emanated from the people around them was undeniable and contagious. The simplicity of the setting and relaxed decor really allowed their true love to shine. Enjoy!

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Audrey's veil was a gift from her sister, which I thought was such a sweet gift from one sister to another.


I think my favorite part of the wedding was this beautiful prayer where all of Audrey and Matthew's family gathered around and helped ask for God's blessing on their new marriage. The prayer was heartfelt and brought tears to many eyes.


Following their exit, they strolled for a while in the fields and grasses and enjoyed the passing clouds. Just a handful of time alone after becoming husband and wife- love when my couples have time to revel in those sweet moments!


After the ceremony and before the rest of the guests arrived, they took time to enjoy a family lunch- complete with homemade pie!


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