Amanda Red Wedding Team Challenge! | August 10, 2013

Who doesn't love a challenge? In my beloved industry, plain old, standard wedding photography isn't a challenge anymore.  Cameras that do half the work for you and editing "magic" in fancy programs can save botched shots, and Pinterest is full of "creative" ideas to pull from if you hit a road block.  If this wasn't true, you wouldn't hear of people whose wedding photographs are left in the hands of trusted friends with nice cameras (and I'm not knocking that- because everyone has a budget and everyone needs a photographer, so it's all about each couples' priorities!).  But that's not good enough for me.  And now that Nick has become an integral part of this fabulous team, I've determined that it's not good enough for him, either.  Nosiree. Nick and I are both pretty experienced at capturing wedding days.  Things you KNOW can easily become routine.  And routine is boring.  So I like to shake things up a bit by being a mean old boss and giving us "challenges."  I decide on one thing I'd like to try (or two or three) or improve at each wedding, and if Nick can't come up with one, well then I tell him what his challenge is. Last weekend's challenge at Amanda & Jason's wedding was ring shots.  Here are the results: Here's Nick's shot! Madison wedding photographers And here's my shot! Wisconsin creative wedding photographers This isn't about getting a "winner" for us, but more about exercising our unique creative visions and having fun with a specific element of the wedding day. Today is Allie & Dan's wedding, and I've decided our challenge is the all-girls groups vs. the all-guys groups.  Now, I'm positive Nick will rock this one...  But excited to push us both out of our comfort zones and use a little creative competition to get us going. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Tell us in the comments below: do you have some great ideas for our challenges?  Let 'em rip!  We just might take 'em on!