A Snog in the Snug

I had to do a double-take when I read Meredith & Dave's final questionnaire, where they requested a stop at The Cooper's Tavern for "a snog in the snug."  A what?? Now, I know what a "snog" is.  I watch Hugh Grant movies like any good hopeless romantic.  But what in the world is a snug??  It's this little private room with a table and a window where the bartender can serve you straight from the bar.  We kicked the wedding party out for a few intimate shots, and this bartender reached in right at the right time.  🙂  So much fun!  And no, the third beer was not mine...  Way too early in the night to accept a beer on the job.  😉 Wedding Photos at Coopers Tavern Ah, weddings are so much fun! _blogSignature