A Little A Capella with Your Cake? | UW-Madison Mad Hatters Perform at a Wedding

OK, I'll admit it.  I love GLEE.  But even before the show came out, I always have loved acoustic and a capella music.  I'm not a major music fanatic, and my iTunes library is kind of goofy with a little of this and a little of that all mashed together.  Looking at my collection of MP3's would leave you wondering who the heck this person is.  But ever since I attempted to sing in choir as a middle-schooler, I have loved the sound of great singers.  Perhaps it's something I inherited from my grandmother, who, according to my dad, used to sing in the most amazing operatic voice as she darned socks for her family of 11 children.  Wherever it came from, I'm glad I can appreciate it. So when I learned that Jon & Carrie's wedding would feature a performance by the amazing UW Mad Hatters (well, alumni at this point!), I was pretty darn excited.  And the performance did not disappoint.  I'll admit that hanging out with their friends left me wishing I had been a part of their social circle when I was a student.  These are the kind of people who were the REAL cool kids.  No pretense, no crazy expectations, just fun and silliness and a bunch of people enjoying a diverse and impressive range of personalities all gathered together. A performance was fitting, since Carrie attended Jon's concerts with the Mad Hatters when they first started dating.  This is definitely a piece of their unique love story, and a moment I am so happy that I got to enjoy with them!

a capella wedding performance WI photographers

UW Mad Hatters perform a wedding Madison photographers

To everyone planning a wedding: don't hesitate to incorporate as much of your story as you can.  Little details like this will make your wedding entirely YOU-nique and memorable!