A Letter to Molly, on Nick’s Wedding Day

Today is a very special wedding day. If you know my second shooter, Nick, you might know that today is the day he marries Molly. And I initially intended to write a great post for this day, to share with everyone how great a guy he is and how happy I am for them as they begin this journey. But then I realized that if only one person reads this post, that's fine with me, so long as it's Molly. Because this is my letter to her. Dear Molly, Happy wedding day. I know how extremely excited you are right now, because I remember how excited I was to marry my Eric on our day. And I want to write this post to you to let you know something you already have figured out: Nick is going to be a wonderful husband. I am confident in this because I have spent the past fifteen months doing quite a bit of two things: realizing just how much I love my husband, and getting to know yours. You see, the re-branding process really pushed me to examine why I love weddings more than anything else. Which helped me to learn a lot more about who I am and what's important to me than I ever thought I'd figure out. And I discovered that to me, husband and wife are sacred and important roles. As I was going through this crazy process and really digging into my appreciation of marriage, Nick was with me shooting weddings. Weekend after weekend, I talked to him about the things I was discovering. We had so many conversations about marriage! And all the while, I was able to watch your relationship progress to this day, one step at a time. I knew when he was shopping for the ring, I knew when he bought it, I knew when he planned his proposal, I got to be there to photograph and share in your moment. Then I got to hear about all your plans as they came together, as we watched so many happy couples say their vows and Nick got more excited for your wedding along the way. I got to road trip with the two of you, plan with you, SQUEEEE together on Facebook, and tonight, I watched you practice. Through all of this, I came to this decision that yes, Nick's going to be an amazing husband to you. Here's why:
  • Because he truly loves and respects you. Nick has always spoken highly and kindly of you to me. He never criticizes anything about you. He shows that he loves you like he loves his own self, the way we need to love the one we marry. He really respects the person you are and that is evident in how he talks about you. I remember some of Eric's friends telling me something similar once- that Eric is always so respectful and loving when he talks about me- and I recall how wonderful it felt to know that. That's an awesome husband trait, and one I really admire and strive to emulate in our guys.
  • Because he is such a good employee to me. You can tell a lot about someone's character by their work ethic. Nick is reliable, loyal, respectful, hard-working, and enthusiastic. I have been blessed to have him on my team. He has always represented my company in a manner that made me proud, and my clients have loved working with him. If that is how someone treats their job, then I think it's a good indicator for what kind of person he will be as a family man.
  • Because you both love God. I think that spiritual beliefs and attitudes are among the strongest things to tie two people together, and as a fellow Christian I can attest to how amazing it is to share a life with someone with whom you are on common ground in that regard. Even better, someone who makes you a better person spiritually, who will walk alongside you as you figure out what it all means to you, and who will lead you when you need leadership.
  • Because he is patient, kind, and humble. As the popular wedding reading, 1 Corinthians 13:4, tells us, these are the qualities that describe love. They are also qualities that describe Nick. None of us is perfect, of course, but just striving to embody those qualities ensures that our hearts are in the right place. And that makes a marriage pretty happy!
I can't begin to tell you how happy I am for you and Nick. I know you're going to be an amazing wife, too. Today is going to be beautiful. I wish for you guys everything that you imagined and more. I'm so honored to be with you today. Enjoy it, every minute of it. _blogSignature       And something for the rest of you, too. Here are some of my favorites from Nick & Molly's engagement session in St. Louis. Check out the fabulous red shoes! Enjoy! St Louis Engagement Photographers SessionWisconsin engagement photographersMadison WI wedding photographersWisconsin wedding photographersUrban engagement photography session wedding photographersDestination engagement wedding photographersMadison WI wedding photographersMadison Wisconsin wedding photographers