A Fall Orchard Picnic | Meet Bri Ferguson, Photo Stylist!

I occasionally fantasize about moving to a warm-weather locale where I would be surrounded by palm trees, have access to the ocean breeze, and never have to pack away my tank tops and flip flops until the next year.  But then, every year, two things happen to change my mind: spring and fall.  Fall makes me (like many people, I'd imagine) want to meet a friend in a coffee shop in a warm sweater, tuck my tall boots under myself, and drink a terribly sugary flavored concoction with "spice" in the name. Bri must feel the same about fall.  Bri is an up-and-coming photo stylist in the Madison area, and just a month or so ago we did just that perfect fall activity and discussed a fall-themed styled photo shoot.  My dear friend Bobbi, from The Salty Peanut Photography, was in on the plan as well.  Bri is beginning to build her portfolio and she gave us a perfect opportunity to turn off our wedding-addled business brains for just a couple hours and do something simply for fun.  Along the way we're able to introduce people to some fabulous local vendors who were also willing to pitch in on the shoot (see the list at the end- these are great businesses!). Styled shoots continue to be a creative outlet for Bobbi & I.  We've done some shoots together in the past and we just have SO MUCH FUN!  I think the addition of Bri to our styled shoot obsession is going to be a little dangerous.  Dangerously FUN, that is. The reason Bobbi & I love to shoot together is that our styles are so similar, but so different in many ways.  We enjoy inspiring one another and learning from one another when we work as a team.  To see Bobbi's shots from the day, take a peek at her blog here:  http://www.thesaltypeanut.com/an-afternoon-at-the-orchard-a-styled-shoot-by-bri-ferguson-photo-stylist/ **A note to my brides & grooms:  If you love this shoot and might be interested in hiring Bri to create a perfectly styled and personalized scene for your engagement shoot, or even your wedding day, let me know and I'll get you in touch with her!** Here are some of my favorites from the day.  Enjoy! Jerry's Apple Orchard Sun Prairie WI Who wouldn't love a little orchard picnic on a crisp October day, right?? Bri Ferguson Photo Stylist Madison WI The girls at Humble Pies, Shelly and Jill, were so sweet to provide these adorable mini pies for the shoot.  They were so delicious, and they made a GREAT breakfast! BriOrchard_2BriOrchard_3 Bri did a great job of putting all the details together in such a cute way. BriOrchard_5Humble Pies Madison WI Dessert Cake Shop Loved this jewelry by Bri's local designer friend, C. Alexandria! BriOrchard_7BriOrchard_4BriOrchard_8 Of course, we needed models for this shoot.  Bobbi's clients, Tristin and Dan, were sweet enough to take time out of their day and play in our little picnic scene.  Thanks, guys, you were such great sports and you are oh-so-cute-in-love! Bri Ferguson Photo StylistBriOrchard_10 I absolutely loved this sweater and had to exercise a ton of self restraint so as not to go spend a small fortune at The Velvet Button.  Bobbi gave in and I'm super jealous of her finds.  🙂 BriOrchard_11BriOrchard_12BriOrchard_13BriOrchard_14BriOrchard_15BriOrchard_16BriOrchard_17BriOrchard_18BriOrchard_19BriOrchard_20BriOrchard_21Bri Ferguson Photo Stylist Wisconsin StylingBriOrchard_23

The most rewarding part of styled shoots is being just one company out of several who come together to support and promote one another.  I'm very much an advocate of local business loyalty, so please take a peek at these businesses who made this shoot possible!

Styling, Concept, Props and Wardrobe: Bri Ferguson, Photo Stylist

Photography: The Salty Peanut Photography and Amanda Red | Wedding Photographer

Petite pies: Humble Pie | Sweet and Savory Pies

Location: Jerry's Apples | Sun Prairie, WI

Models: Dan and Tristin Marotz

Clothing: Velvet Button Boutique

Jewelry (ring, necklaces, earrings): C. Alexandria

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